Handling of Personal Information
BIZIT Inc. This “privacy policy” sets forth the basic guidelines concerning personal information (kojin-joho) for BIZIT Inc. (hereinafter collectively referred to as "Our Company") in respect of the personal information collected and used by Our Company.

Policy on Protection of Personal Information

We shall comply with our internal rules that provide for the collection, use and provision of personal information which shall be appropriate in proportion to the content and scale of our business. We shall take measures to prevent any leakage, destruction or loss of personal information and if it occurs, we shall promptly implement corrective measures therefor. We shall comply with the laws and ordinances, the guidelines established by the national government and any other rules concerning handling of personal information. We shall sincerely and promptly respond to our customers’ inquiries concerning personal information. We shall continue to improve our systems for management of personal information.

Purpose of Use

Our Company shall specify the purposes of use of personal information as much as possible and shall use personal information within the scope of the following purposes of use, except for (a) when the relevant person’s prior consent is obtained, or (b) when an exceptional treatment is permitted under the Act on the Protection of Personal Information or any other laws and ordinances: (1) To provide our company’s services; (2) To determine whether or not the relevant person agrees to the registration for our company’s services; (3) To confirm or notify any information necessary for conducting the matters stated in items (1) and (2) above; (4) To deliver information concerning our company’s services (newsletters, promotional campaign information, event information, questionnaires, etc.), advertising information sponsored by a business person other than our company and other information, by email, email newsletter, postal mail or other method; (5) To report the result, etc. of questionnaires to the customers who participated in such questionnaires by email, email newsletter, postal mail or other method; (6) To notify our customers of information posted on BIZIT M&A (7) To collect, refund or otherwise deal with the service fees caused by our customers’ payment, delay of payment, overpayment, etc. of the service fees; (8) To prepare statistical data concerning the use of our company’s services; (9) For research and analysis such as analysis of customer trends, enhancement and improvement of our company’s services and business activities, development of new products and new services, etc.; (10) To confirm the identity of a customer which shall be necessary for responding to such customer’s request for disclosure or other treatment of his/her personal information; (11) For training operators of customer support; (12) To make a communication or other response in case of a disaster or other emergency; (13) For any other use necessary for operation of our company’s services, or to achieve any purpose of use separately specified upon our receipt of personal information; (14) To display information registered by our customer with our company on an data-entry screen sot that we may assist such customer to input data easily, or to forward such information to other services, etc. (including the services provided by our company’s business partners) per such customer’s instructions; (15) To refuse the use of our company’s services by any customer who (i) violated the Terms of Services by causing damage to third parties or otherwise, or (ii) intends to use our company’s services for any unlawful or unjustifiable purpose, or to pursue a liability of such customer; (16) To conduct maintenance, etc., of our company’s services; (17) To deliver to our customers catalogs or proposal materials in respect of our company’s services; (18) To improve and develop the services that our company provides; (19) To notify our company’s latest information, various seminars and exhibitions; (20) For responding to our customers’ comments and requests; (21) To ask to fill in questionnaires for survey of level of customer satisfaction, etc. (22) To implement various promotional campaigns; (23) To manage contractual relationship with our customers;

Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

Our Company shall not provide or disclose personal information it collects to any third party, except for any of the following cases: • When the relevant person’ consent is obtained; • When it is difficult to obtain the relevant person’ consent to such provision or disclosure, though it is necessary to protect the life, body or property of a person; and • When such provision or disclosure is otherwise required by laws or ordinances

Disclosure, Correction and Discontinuation of Use of Registered Information

Our Company shall disclose personal information to the relevant person upon its request so long as it will not interfere with the proper operation of business. In such case, Our Company shall confirm the identity of the relevant person by the method separately determined by Our Company. In the case where the personal information disclosed to the relevant person includes incorrect contents, Our Company shall immediately correct such contents. And in the case where the relevant person requests us to discontinue the use of his/her personal information, we shall immediately discontinue such use.

Use of Cookies

In this website, cookies* are used in some contents so that we may provide better services to our users when they revisit our website. * Cookie: a mechanism for storing server information on the computer of a customer who accesses to a website. Customers can easily use the functions they chose last time by recording the date and time when they last visited a website, how often they have visited the website, the information once input by them, etc. Please note that while cookies can identify a customer’s computer, they cannot collect a customer’s personal information (e.g., name, address, telephone number and email address).

Keeping Access History

In this website, customers’ access history (access log) is recorded for the purpose of maintenance of the website or improvement of the services. Access history (access log): information including the domain name, IP address, type of browser or operating system (OS), date and time of access, viewed pages and other information of customers who accessed a website, but not including any personally identifiable information.

Privacy Policy for Specific Product and Service

Our Company may set forth specific privacy policy such as purpose of use of personal information, disclosure to third-party, security and contact information separately for specific product or service, etc., in the websites, e-mail messages or other various notifications for such product or service. If it includes any provisions different from those of this privacy policy or any special provisions, such provisions set fort separately for specific product or service shall prevail over this privacy policy.


This privacy policy may be amended without prior notice due to change of relevant laws and ordinances, etc. or change of Our Company’s policies or other reason.

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